While the WBEFC is currently 100% staffed by volunteers, we do have near-term and long-term funding needs for operating and development costs and ultimately for program implementation costs. Funding in the early stages is critical to the success of our efforts and will be used to help cover costs such as website development costs (we expect to launch the website in the very near future), educational and training materials, 501c-3 application costs (we have submitted our application for 501c-3 status and expect approval in the coming months), meeting rooms for public forums, facilitator costs, literature and brochures, postage, speaker’s fees, travel costs, etc. Funding and budgets for longer term needs will be developed and will more specifically address implementation strategies as developed and approved in cooperation with the Roane County Commissioners working in concert with representatives from Rhea, Meigs, and Loudon Counties.

Funding sources can generally be categorized into a few categories: Federal Agencies, State (Tennessee) Agencies, Local Government Agencies, community organizations, commercial stake holders, sports (e.g. fishing, hunting) affiliated groups, and the general public.  Early research into federal and state agencies funding shows a couple of underlying elements; the need for detailed plans and budgets, and, in many cases funding is predicated on public-private partnerships (co-funding) or matching federal and state funds. Pursuit of funding in these areas is continuing.

All donations are critical to the continuing efforts of WBEFC to support the long term ecological health of our Watts Bar Lake jewel and will be greatly appreciated! Tax-deductible donations can be make via checks to WBEFC and mailed to:


Gary Bemmr

WBEFC Board Member and Treasurer
317 Leeper Overlook
Dandridge, TN 37725-5073


We are also pursuing setting up an account with PayPal for ease of donations. We will keep you appraised on this item.


Anyone with experience in pursuing federal and state grants including writing grant applications who would like to participate with this effort can contact WBEFC at the contact information listed on the home page.


Thank you for your support and generous donations for this highly important initiative.