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The Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation (AERF) is committed to sustainable water resources through the science of aquatic ecosystem management in collaboration with industry, academia, government and other stakeholders. This organization provides science-based solutions to restore and maintain sustainable water resources. You can visit their site at:

AERF states that “One of the large challenges in aquatic weed control is buy-in from fisherman that there is a real difference between a healthy native plant community and a dense monoculture of invasive weeds. While a stand of invasives can provide good fishing habitat initially, it's very nature will soon degrade the fishery. One of AERF's strongest spokesmen on this issue is Jeff Holland, a professional biologist and competitive bass fisherman. Jeff has always felt that anglers represent the most passionate, vocal, and organized lake user-groups in the US, and has enjoyed the pleasure of sharing AERF's mission with these recreational enthusiasts over the last four years. Jeff Holland, is a full time biologist who has been competing as a professional bass angler on the Bassmaster Open trail.”

The WBEFC contacted Jeff about this. As a professional fisherman and a biologist, Jeff fully understands the ecological and fishery aspects of aquatic plants in natural ecosystems, and when invasive species form dense mats. He knows that an invasive species is indeed beneficial to the ecology and fishery, “Until” the density takes over and serious harm is done to the ecology and the fishery. Jeff welcomes you to visit his Website:

Jeff is not the only professional fisherman who understands. Michael Neal, a local professional fisherman also fully comprehends the ecology and fishery aspects of invasive plants.

This is what the WBEFC is striving to explain. Please see the Ecology/Fishery Primer on our Website to fully understand this ecological situation at:

The species of plant is not the problem, only the plant’s density.